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LED light design in jewelry showcase is very important

2017-06-28 15:38:51

LED light design in jewelry showcase is very important

Jewelry Showcase in the design process to take into account the energy saving and environmental protection LED lights, but also to highlight the crystal clear effect, but also set off the quality of high jewelry is to be simple and generous.

After all, to attract customers must be jewelry, rather than LED lights. So we in this regard to increase the intensity of the production design. Also in the jewelry display showcase on the overall color matching is also a focus, because taking into account the overall effect of the jewelry display showcase and the overall feeling, but also take into account the customer looks very comfortable, very natural, so we take into account the simple design of LED lights.

If the LED lights to change the color too much easily lead to consumer visual fatigue but not to focus on highlighting the effect. When we use the corporate logo, we try to close with the color of the jewelry showcase. The color of the LED lights in the logo design has a very strong accuracy and simplicity.

led light for jewelry showcase

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