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Why before quotation,we need the size,drawings and order quantity?

2017-06-23 10:07:38

Before quotation,what's we must do?

   When the customer only has an estimated size,we can only give an estimated price,if the price given is considered suitable,then we start the floor plan,and finally determine 3D drawing then start shop drawing.When the full set of drawings is completed,will arrange a detailed quotation contract,when the customer makes the final decision,can start making.

1.why we need a detailed size?
The size of each shop is not same, the cabinet is also different,so the detailed size is conductive to the detailed quotation.

2.why we need a detailed drawings?
Each customers required material are different,and each of material price is different,the drawing are not only the production,as well as some hardware accessories, light boxes,etc.so we will organize together then can give a detailed quotation.

3. Why we need your order quantity?
 The bigger the order, the cheaper the unit price. Why? Because the larger the order, the greater the amount of raw material purchases, the cheaper the price of raw materials. Orders are small, raw materials are expensive, and they are wasteful. Large orders, raw materials can make full use of, not waste.

Large orders, from sales to factory production, save employee costs. So the bigger the order, the cheaper the unit price.

 Now do you understand why size and drawings are needed?

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