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Store fixtures and displays for clothing store

2017-07-01 10:31:13

Store fixtures and displays for clothing store
How to make the design for clothing store is very important. It help draw more customers in and increase the likelihood of buying. The store fixtures and displays should be based on clothing brand positioning, customer preferences to design, in order to attract customers.
Use a variety store equipment to display the clothes like tables, racks, wall display unit, cabinet, gondola. Gondolas allow you to place items on different shelves and levels, depending on how the kiosk is combined . Center counter let the customers see directly and newest arrival items you want to promote. And customers like to move to a nearby table, shelf or rack to pick the right size and color of clothes they want. And the wall shelf and wall display unit will ensure that the wall items remain in site of customers even they are in passageway.

Store fixtures and displays for clothing store

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