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Why the similar jewelry display cabinets with differ greatly price 2019-06-06 13:40:59

You probable meet the same jewelry showcase, color appearance, overall shape are not very different, but the price will be differ greatly. Some jewelry showcase manufacturers offer low prices, and some manufacturers offer relatively high prices,Why ? which is the price strategy of manufacturers, or what is the difference in the showcase ?

Here, Jova Display Furiture will briefly introduce where the difference in the price of jewelry showcases comes from.


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For display factory professionals, the price of jewelry furniture is not determined by the appearance . It includes many factors. The appearance is only one part of the price determinant. It is difficult to judge whether the jewelry showcase is worth the price from the appearance alone. At the same time, we can not blindly pursue the appearance of the display showcase, but we should know more valuable places of the showcase and understand the price of the jewelry furniture Where is the value?


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The final price determinant is the quality. The better quality, the higher price, not the more beautiful , the higher price. Appearance is important, but the quality is also indispensable. The quality includes many aspects, such as production, process, material selection, etc. The emphasis is placed on material selection and workmanship, cabinet materials, spray paint materials, and the choice of technology for production are all factors of value. The appearance of luxury is never better than the quality, beautiful appearance plus good quality, is the most valuable jewellery shop furniture.


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