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Decorate your jewelry store correctly
June 12,2019

The jeweller store of full of beautiful things in eyes is located in each big bazaar, the storefront of assorted decoration lets consumer dazzling, what kind of jeweller is in your mind? Too ordinary? No! Too fancy? No! So how do you get people to come in and pick? You need a different jewelry shop decoration plan.

jewelry shop decoration

We believe that a shop can perfectly display the owner's style.For example, the jewelry store of Mediterranean style designed by the designer of this Jova Display Furniture is given priority to with Marine blue and white, full Mediterranean amorous feelings, walk into the store, as if feel sea breeze head on to blow, hear the wave that waves beat reef faintly beside ear.The detailed structure pattern of the wall highlights the unique jewelry shop design.

jewelry shop design

Jewelry shop display cabinet with main tone echo, is a big key of the shop, gun gray structure plus the velvet panel of sea blue, let jewelry display low-key and do not lose gorgeous.A reasonable store layout allows consumers to see popular products more intuitively.Therefore, a positive display counter is set at the entrance to display the new jewelry on the front. From the beginning, consumers are attracted to enter the store. There are comfortable seats on both sides.

Jewelry shop display cabinet

Choosing the store showcase with the right store style can make your store more in line with the brand positioning and better display of jewelry. The designer's inspiration comes from your idea. If you have a better idea but can't realize it?Please speak out your idea boldly, in 9 China, stylist can design the gem ark that accords with your requirement perfectly.

custom jewelry display cabinets

If you want to know more details about the design of new products, please view m to find the right display case for you. or call at 008613825185029, email .

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