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How to Maintain Jewelry Showcase 2018-12-21 18:08:36

In people-to-people jewelry stores,the jewelry display showcase are not guaranteed to be collided, which we can't control. However, in the daily care, we can make the jewelry display showcase look clean, fresh and beautiful, then take some time to clean every day, so that our display cabinet can live longer. Here are some ways to maintain jewelry display showcases in daily life.

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First we must to do is removing the watermarks on the paint surface of the showcase in time. For used jewelry display cabinet, the paints often leave a watchful and annoying watermarking, fingerprints on the surface. So how can we removed them quickly ? We can lay a clean wet cloth on the surface of the jewellery display cabinet and then iron it with an iron at a lower temperature. This will evaporate the moisture that penetrates the paint film and make the watermarking disappear. It should be noted that the cloth used for the cushion should not be too thin and the temperature of the iron should not be too high. Otherwise, the water mark on the surface of the display cabinet has been removed, but it will leave a deep mark, even more dazzling.

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While cleaning the showcase, using harmless, environmentally friendly cleaners. To keep the jewelry display cabinet bright and glossy, we have to choose a special detergent. At present, there are two kinds of display cabinet maintenance products: wax spraying and cleaning agent. Before using the nursing wax spray and cleaning agent, shake it well first, then hold the spray tank straight, at a 45 degree angle, so that the liquid components in the tank can be completely released under the condition of no pressure. After that, gently spray the dry cloth at a distance of about 15 centimeters, and then gently wipe the surface of the display cabinet, it can play a very good cleaning and maintenance effect. If the dirt on the surface of the jewellery cabinet is too sticky, it can be wiped several times. Never scratch hard objects, otherwise it will cause damage. In addition, after using the cloth, remember to wash and dry. In addition, if the cloth is on the display cabinet, then you can use a cleaning agent for carpets. When in use, a small amount of carpet detergent can be sprayed on a wet cloth and wiped.

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Eliminate scalding marks on the paint surface of wooden jewelry showcase.  If slightly neglected, the surface of the wooden jewelry showcases will leave a scald, but there is no need to panic, under normal circumstances, as long as the timely wipe with a rag can be removed. If the scald is too deep to erase, you can gently apply it with iodine liquor or or vaseline oil on it, and then wipe it with a soft cloth the next day to eliminate the scald.

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When cleaning and wiping the jewelry showcases, we must ensure that the cloth is clean. When the cloth is rubbed once and dirty, it must be turned over or replaced with a clean cloth for reuse, that is, it can not be reused already dirty. Never slack off and reuse the dirty side again and again. Otherwise, it will only make the jewelry showcases dirtier and even scratch the paint and glass.

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