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How to Choose Glass Jewelry Showcase
December 21,2018

In shopping malls and specialty retail stores, glass showcases are using common . Glass display cabinet play an important role in people's lives. Generally, glass display cabinets are very common in mobile phone stores , jewelry stores, watch store, luxury stores and so on. Glass display cabinets are clean and transparent, and easy to clean. Here we will tell you the detailed introduction of the selection and purchase method of glass display cabinet.

glass jewelry showcase

First we should pay attention to the material. The raw materials of glass jewelry showcase are mainly man-made panels such as melamine board and UV board. The surface of glass showcase will be decorated by glass mirror, so that it looks smooth and smooth on the whole. It is very high-grade both visually and tactily. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing, it is necessary to check the surface of the glass with glue, scratches and other obvious marks.

glass jewelry display showcase

Seeing the formaldehyde emission. Formaldehyde is usually contained in the raw materials and wood-based panels. When choosing glass showcase for shop, if you can smell pungent odor, even have cough and tears, that means the formaldehyde emission of the glass showcase far exceeds the national standards.

glass display cabinet for jewelry

Pay attention to the quality of each component.  Glass jewelry showcases have many plastic parts and metal parts to be firmly connected. Their quality also plays an important role in glass jewelry showcases. Smooth and flexible metal parts can effectively prolong the actual service life of glass showcases. While the plastic parts beautify the glass jewelry showcases, they can also be very convenient for the use of the glass jewelry showcases.

glass jewelry display cabinet

In production process, glass jewelry showcase will be cut and sawed to achieve the appropriate size. At this time, we can understand the quality of the display cabinet by observing the cutting edges of the display cabinet. Good glass display cabinet has strict and detailed requirements for the verticality, flatness and angle of the board. The edges and surfaces of display cabinets should be uniformly glued, firmly pasted, smoothly trimmed and so on.

glass showcase for shop

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