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How to Judge the Jewellery Display Cabinets
December 21,2018

When order jewellery counter , we need to consider whether the jewelry display cabinets are safe and affordable. Then we can safely use the display cabinet, and get a good experience in the use process. In fact, it depends on whether the jewelry showcase manufacturers who carries out the jewelry display production project is professional enough. There are many standards for judging the jewelry display cabinet. From the current situation of the display industry, more and more jewelry showcase manufacturers and suppliers, so what do customers need to do in choosing and judging the display quality? We summarized three criteria for determining the production of jewellery display cabinets.

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The water-proof design for jewelry showcase. Because of some water vapor generated in the process, some jewellery display cabinets decorative materials and base materials used density boards, excessive water vapor will cause its dampness, and the durability of jewelry display cabinet will be affected. In order to make the water on the counter not easy to fall on the display cabinet, a special water-proof design will be added to the top of the high-quality jewelry display cabinet, which is also the guarantee that the display cabinet can be used for a long time.

custom made jewellery display cabinets

Using environmental protection materials. The quality of the jewelry showcase needs to be determined from the quality, the adhesives on the table and the good plates on the edge do better. These materials need to meet the environmental requirements, in which the panel needs to use fully 0 formaldehyde release of wood-based panels.

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Look carefully at the edge of the jewelry display cabinet: Most large jewelry display customizers use modern machinery and equipment for production. When we distinguish the jewelry display cabinet manufactured by professional large-scale jewelry showcase manufacturers or a small workshops, we can judge whether to use high temperature and high pressure edge sealing. The appearance after sealing is tidy, firm and durable enough.

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Since 2003, Guangzhou JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE has devoted itself to the design and manufacture of various kinds of high-end jewellery display cabinets. We have 16 years of rich experience, a strong design team, an average of more than 5 years for production line staff, 16 years of free maintenance for quality assurance, and lifelong technical service support. Choosing JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE will make your jewelry display more effective.

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