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How to judge the quality of jewelry display cabinets
March 25,2019

Some people say that the better the jewelry display cabinet is, the higher the price is. But sometime, the more exquisite the appearance is, the less practical it will lead to the jewelry display cabinet flashy and unrealistic. Here, we will teach you guys how to distinguish the quality of the jewelry display cabinets.


luxury jewelry display cabinet


First, look at the glass material for glass jewelry display case. Glass is divided into super white glass and ordinary glass. Ordinary glass looks green or blue. Ultra white glass transmits light very well. The quality of glass can be seen by visual inspection. Appearance quality check the flatness of glass, observe whether there are scratches or air bubbles, inclusions, fog spots and other quality defects.


lighting jewelry showcase 

Then, look at the Luminaires. Jewelry display cabinet LED lamp quality is good, in order to attract attention, generally good LED lamp brightness enough, good quality, high price, long life, jewelry display cabinet LED lamp brightness classification more according to different jewelry selection fixed light, through the choice of lights and reasonable comprehensive use of them, the appropriate lighting can also stimulate customers'desire to buy.


white jewelry display furniture


And then view the paint. jewelry display furniture paint should be environmentally friendly, tasteless, inferior, with a strong and pungent odor, which will affect jewelry sales, to see whether the surface of the paint is smooth without impurities, cracks, no flowing paint, no bubbles.


Stainless steel jewelry display showcase


Stainless steel jewelry display furniture is welded together perfectly by oxygen arc welding technology, without splicing marks, and can be electroplated in any color. At present, it is one of the finest jewelry display furniture. The hardware fittings of stainless steel jewelry display furniture should be open and close freely, tighten moderately and without deformation.


glass jewelry display case


Final, view the kanban board. There are mainly two kinds of board in jewelry display cabinet: density board and medium-fibre board. Density board mainly depends on the color of density board, the color of good density board should be light, the odor of dark density board is pungent, the formaldehyde content of odor pungent density board is absolutely serious beyond the standard, and the quality of bad medium-fibre board has cracks in the inner part and rough surface.

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