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About store display cabinet paint 2019-03-27 15:07:37

It is very important link to choose the paint, while customizing shop display cabinets. Take mobile phone display cabinet for sample, the commonly used painting technology is divided into spray paint and baking paint, and baking paint is very particular about the level of technology. So let's talk about baking paint specifically. The paint used for baking paint has water-based and oil-based components. Water-based baking paint is mostly domestic, so we will not elaborate on it in detail. Sex baking paint is also divided into PE paint and PU paint. What's the difference between them? Let's see that these two kinds of paints can be used as both primer and topcoat. It's no problem to mix and use them, but we must pay attention to PU paint as primer and PE primer as topcoat. It's easy to get scratches. For customization in shop display cabinets, this must be avoided.


shop display cabinet


How to choose? Mainly from the hardness of the two paints to consider, the hardness of PE paint is relatively high, not easy to grind and wear marks, of course, although the hardness of PE paint is higher than PU paint, but also because such grinding time is longer than PU paint, so the merchants should choose to custom shop furniture according to their actual situation, so as to achieve the best results.


 mobile phone display cabinet


And the brightness of the paint is also divided into bright paint and Matt paint. In choosing these two brightnesses, the choice of merchants in different industries is also different. The cosmetic display cabinet is suitable for the use of bright paint. Because the cosmetics industry mostly serves women, it needs fashion and brilliance, and also gives people a strong sense of modernity. The men's clothing showcase is suitable for the use of Matt paint, which will give a more stable feeling, calm and atmospheric.

cosmetic display cabinet

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