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How to choose a good Jewelry Showcase Manufacturers
March 15,2019

When choosing jewellery display case manufacturers, it will always hovering between the price and quality. then whether to choose a middle price or a high quality price, in fact, or to choose according to the positioning of your product.

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Although the positioning of products is jewelry, there are different types of jewelry: diamond, jadeite, jadeware, amber, gold and so on. Then you have to determine the sales price according to the product category, and finally determine whether your product is positioned at the low, middle or high end of the market.

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If your jewelrs are luxury goods, please consider the quality first when making jewelry store showcases. Nobody uses environmental protection bags to pack jewelry worth millions of dollars, middle and high-end jewelry products need high-quality jewelry display cabinets to display; just like safflower needs green foil to foil. The jewelry display cabinet is not only a simple display, but also a dowry to foil the quality of jewelry.

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If your product positioning is middle-end market, when you choose the jewelry display cabinet factory, you can first choose the middle price. Because the most expensive is not as good as the most appropriate. There's still a lot of room for promotion for your product. Customize the most suitable one first, as long as it matches the product. If the value of later products is improved and positioning is improved, better quality jewelry store showcases can be selected, so that changes in products can be reflected and turnover can be increased. At this time, you can choose more mature manufacturers. Because if the value of the product rises or is displayed in the original exhibition cabinet, the value of the product does not reflect a penny. When choosing display cabinets, even if the price is medium, the quality should not be careless.

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