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After-sale Maintenance for Wooden Jewelry Showcases
December 21,2018

Now the wooden and glass showcases are the most common jewelry showcase. As we know, the wooden jewelry showcase may be paint bulging or peeling off, after been used for a long time. In the free warranty period, of course, you can contact the jewelry showcase manufacturers for after-sales maintenance treatment. If it's not serious and you don't want to be so troublesome, we can solve it by ourselves with a few tricks.

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wooden display showcase paint bulging mainly comes from two aspects. One is the expansion of air after sun exposure, which results in paint bulging. Another is that the bottom of the cabinet is damped. After the surface is irradiated by sunlight, the damped part is easy to form water vapor, which eventually leads to paint bulging. In this case, the first thing to do is to scrape off the foaming paint, let the wooden part dry naturally, and then fill the cracks with primer filler, and then re-paint, or you can use the self-spray paint sprayed on the hardware store after scraping off the paint without filler.

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The problems of paint peeling are various, mainly from the problems of pre-production of paint, wood materials or construction technology, which will lead to paint peeling. Baking paint wooden jewellery display cabinets if it is a small area of paint peeling, if it is black paint, you can use a black pen to fill in the falling place, white paint, you can use correction fluid to fill in. If it falls off in a large area, it belongs to the quality problem. You can ask the display furniture manufacturer to rework and make it. In the case of exceeding the warranty period, you can ask the manufacturer to provide maintenance services.

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Look for jewelry showcase suppliers, suggest to find technical clearance, guaranteed, experienced suppliers.

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