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How to choose luxury jewelry showcases
December 21,2018

Luxury consumption goods, like luxurie,  jewelrs , watch, diamond, luxury accessoires, luxury bags, are the product of the combination of certain social productivity and science and technology. Essentially, it embodies the evolution of history and the progress of human society. Practice has also proved that more successful design often has a high visual impact or unconventional sense of form, which is determined by high-tech and modern people's way of life, thus arousing people's sympathy for beauty. Designs lacking a sense of the times lack visual impact and therefore lack attraction and attention.

luxury jewelry showcases

For luxuries , you need better luxury jewelry showcases to display. Every year when the seasons change, many girls have to worry about how to properly keep the jewelry of the season. Skin care and jewelry preservation are very special. If you accidentally break the taboo, jewelry will undergo some chemical changes that are likely to endanger the skin, so we should learn how to preserve jewelry for proper display.

custom jewelry showcases

High temperature resistance will deteriorate jewelry. The optimum storage temperature is below 35 degree C. If it is stored in a place where the temperature is too high, the water in the jewelry will evaporate, become dry and even deteriorate. Therefore, it should be protected at high temperature.

white jewelry display cabinet

Avoid direct sunshine, just like high temperature resistance, if it is direct sunshine, it will cause water evaporation and even deterioration, and jewelry contains a large number of drugs and chemicals, easy to sunlight in the sun caused by ultraviolet radiation chemical changes lead to reduced effect, so pay attention to protecting jewelry from sunlight. Shoot. When purchasing jewelry in a jewelry display cabinet, attention should also be paid to the products in the display cabinet, because the products here are exposed to light and easy to deteriorate.

jewelry display cabinet wholesale

And paying attention to the anti-freezing and anti-moisture of jewelry. If jewelry is frozen during storage, thawing may lead to oil-water separation, thus stimulating the skin. Some jewelry contains a lot of residual proteins and bacteria, which are easy to mold after being wet.

luxury jewellery showcase

Above is the jewelry in the display process need attention, so when you custom jewelry showcases, should be particularly careful. Since its establishment in 2003, Guangzhou JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE has devoted itself to the design and manufacture of various kinds of high-end jewelry display cabinets. It has 16 years of rich experience, a strong design team, an average of more than 5 years for production line staff, 16 years of free maintenance for quality assurance, and lifelong technical service support. Choosing JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE will make your jewelry display more effective.

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