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How to measure the jewelry shop size 2018-12-21 17:48:14

While designing and making jewelry display cabinets, before determining the size of the jewelry store, we should make sure whether the jewelry store is on the first floor adjacent to the street, or an underground or upstairs shop in the shopping mall.

white jewelry display cabinets

If the jewelry stores on the first floor, we only need to measure the specific size and jewelry shop layout. In consideration of installation, we need the door size and the shop height. In this way, the installation time will be shorter, and the worker will not stay up late, unless there are very complex situations, the jewelry showcase display in general stores can be installed in the daytime, so that the worker's spirit in a better state, installation will also pay attention to more details.

jewelry store design usa

If the jewelry store in the shopping mall, not in the first floor,  it will be a little tricky.  That means that when installation, the jewelry display cabinets need to be moved upstairs or downstairs. So we have to check the elevator size and corridor width, to make sure the jewelry showcase can be pass through.

jewelry showcase display

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