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Decoration for Spanish Sports Shoe & Bag Shop
August 09,2019
Spain's Famous Sports Shoes and Bags Brand, Walking in the front of the trend of fashion brands, the store design combines simple industrial style, with bright yellow embellishment, more prominent products, attract attention.

shoe shop interior design

JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE combines customer needs and product positioning. Shop and sports shoe display cabinet props design seeks to implant an indoor space designed for young audiences,  both attractive and modern leisure and urban style. The store layout is symmetrically arranged with two same wooden shoe display shelves on both sides of the wall. The middle high and low display shelves leave a line around them, which can expose different products in an all-round way.

store design

Sports bicycles are placed above the logo of the background wall of the running platform, which corresponds to the logo remotely, Design of JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE strengthens product requirements, and sets up glass display tables into the checkout counter to display exquisite wallet products, so as to remind consumers that wallets in their hands may be replaceable.

shoe display cabinet

The use of industrial breath is a new way of store design in recent years. In this picture, we create a very interesting industrial dynamic breath through exposed concrete columns, translucent polycarbonate and metal mesh backplane, as well as the top uncovered led lamp.

decoration for shoe shop

If you have a new shop opening, JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE can help you do the shoe shop interior design and custom made the shoe shop furniture . Know more details about the projects we had made ,welcome to chat us. call or text +8613825185029 or email .

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