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How to custom made the shop display furniture 2019-08-06 11:37:53

In various shopping malls and stores, various kinds of shop display cabinets can be seen everywhere. Do you know how these shop display cabinets are made? Today, JOVA display furniture manufacturers and everyone simply share the ten process of cabinet production.

bags shop display cabinets

Material selection and cutting: Choose wooden without dead knot scar from wood, and cut according to shop display furniture drawings. Then we shaving the surface of the cut wood and making some mistakes. According to the drawings, the splicing board is used for bonding and splicing. and then sanding the jointed wood and cutting it according to the drawings. And drilling nailing: nailing the already formed materials, first gluing at the joint, and then nailing. If the load-bearing part, drill into the wooden wedge to ensure that the structure is firm.

mobile store showcases

After that, batch gray polishing: polishing the finished semi-finished products, removing burrs and offset prints on the surface of the shop display cabinet, and repairing nails, knife prints and polishing clean in the process of making the display cabinet with batch gray. Primer is applied to the store showcase after polishing. JOVA display furniture is made to form a protective layer on the surface to insulate the air and water vapor. and according to the color selected by customers, the wooden exhibition cabinet is polished and polished.

men's shop display furniture

Topcoat treatment: Painting two to three layers of paint according to the brightness of the paint required by the customers for the display cabinet finished by brushing. After that, we do installation for Hardware: Paint coated display cabinet, installation of guide, handles, laminates, door hinges, lamps, wires, etc., and the need to install glass display cabinet for debugging and bonding.

Installation for shop display furniture

Installation on site: After the shop display cabinets are transported to the exhibition hall and the monopoly store through vehicles and logistics, the final installation is carried out. This includes showcase connection, wire connection, installation of distribution boxes, etc. to ensure that customers can display products directly.
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