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Stainless steel jewelry display cabinet
August 14,2019

Stainless steel jewelry display cabinet is a popular material and new style of jewelry display cabinet, which is different from the solid wood material used in the past. Stainless steel itself has a strong corrosion resistance, and there is no need to worry that it will be like other solid wood cabinets by a variety of insects gnawing. What is important is that its metal texture will give people a different feeling, which is very in line with modern people's aesthetic concept.

jewelry showcase design

The jewelry showcase design, itself is also very important for jewelry stores. With its unique style, it will naturally give customers a bright feeling in front of their eyes and a high-end feeling, which will naturally be liked by customers. Jova Display Furniture is designed with stainless steel as the main raw material and tempered glass as the exhibition cabinet. The whole shape is very simple. The circular design can also allow more customers to observe the exhibits inside.

Stainless steel jewelry display cabinet

The shape of the upper half is mostly consistent with the frame made of stainless steel U-groove, which makes it easy to inlay toughened glass inside. This stainless steel jewelry display cabinet seems to be a whole, in fact, it is divided into four parts, each part corresponds to a drawer, easy to store and take out the products inside. Nowadays, Stainless Steel Jewelry display cabinets seldom use stainless steel as their original color. Most of them use bronze and red bronze as their old processing. There are also common titanium plating processes of titanium, rose gold and black titanium, which make their colors more beautiful.

jewellery shop design

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