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Basic knowledge of jewellery display cabinets
June 01,2018

Jewellery display cabinets are very important in jewellery industry. The requirements like the workmanship and quality of this kind of showcase is more strict than the showcase for cell phone or clothes or others. Although the strict process is not easy to understand for other people , do you know any basic knowledge of jewellery display cabinets? As a jewellery retailer and wholesaler , the following common sense of jewellery showcase are primarily known.

jewellery display cabinets for shops

We should know and understand the material. There is wooden jewellery display cabinets and metal jewellery showcase generally. So the main material is wood and stainless steel. The wood always is MDF, plywood or solid wood, and for the metal is stainless steel. other material is tempered glass,wood veneer,marble,paint ,powder coating ,hardware,led, etc. About the logo on jewelry showcase, acrylic logo is often more widely used . because of its lightweight,high mechanical strength and light transmittance.

We should know the knowledge of lighting design of jewellery display cabinets. Recently, the most popular jewellery lighting is the led , because led has many advantages: long service live,high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption. We according the jewellery to custom make the showcase and choose the led. Some jewellery need strong light but some need warm lighting.

We should learn jewellery shop display cabinets maintenance. For the jewellery showcase itself is valuable, we must maintain and care. The main points as follow : keep the jewellery showcase far away from water otherwise, it may cause moisture,deformation and even mildew. Avoid the showcase exposing in the sun for a long time, scrub showcase with soft wet towel in daily clean but avoid using strong solvents and cleaning agents and polishing agents.

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