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how much does it cost for a jewellery shop
June 01,2018

How much are these jewellery shop furniture? When you order jewellery cabinets, prices are a matter of great concern to you. But this time, the suppliers alway ask you many quastions. That's because the price depend on the jewellery cabinets size, style, materials, quantity, and the date of delivery.

jewellery shop furniture

It is not respect for customers if we give the display showcase quotation at will. We as a professional display showcase manufacturers, we can not be responsible for the customer. At the same time, we have a professional technical department accounting quotation, is in accordance with the size, style, material, technology, quantity provided by the customer to calculate the total price of the counter, to provide customers with a reasonable counter decoration budget.

So hope you can understand. of course, if you do not have the drawings, we can also help you design drawings, you will have the great drawing and we will not give quotation casually if u select us. Why not?

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