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The most flexible display: hook display and shelving display
June 01,2018

If your product need to be often changed in the retail store, I think the some flexible displays will suit your store . and no doubt that the hook display and shelving display are two types of the most flexible displays.

The single hooks in a variety of sizes, it offers great versatility to any hanging product . you can choose from 50mm to 300mm lengths. The hooks always made of high-quality steel,they are chrome hooks provide an attractive finish as well as being hard wearing and long-lasting . it is ideal for makeup small items, clothing accessories, mobile phone accessories and other small packets or boxes with hooking facilities attached to the top of the packaging.

wall shelving and case with slatwall hook

For resourceful and flexible,the slatwall shelving range has a clever option for any type or size of items with choices to suit the commercial display. The wood and glass is often used as the shelves material .  the wood including MDF,plywood and solid wood , then with baking paint or veneer. The color and size are customize for the display shelves. And the shelves display can be movable as need. There are also some items like eyewear or skin care product may need the acrylic shelves. Acrylic shelving has an interesting and expansive selection of handy possibilities. They are easily and tightly to put into place.

wall display shelves

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