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Wooden jewelry showcase is popular with advantages

Wooden jewelry showcase is popular with advantages
May 05,2017

Wooden jewelry showcase is popular with advantages

The general jewelry showcase have two styles : metallic showcase and wooden showcase. In order to make jewelry showcase looks more luxury. People always make stainless steel showcase. During the stainless steel showcase producing , stricter handicraft is demanded. So this kind of jewelry showcase cost more and it often makes people confused. Then, the advantages of wooden jewelry showcase are seen.

First, wooden jewelry showcase can cut down cost . When a jewelry merchant `s budget is limited,  wooden jewelry showcase is a better choice. Because of the cost of wood is lower then the cost of metal. As long as the design and production are reasonable, wooden jewelry showcase can achieve good display effect. Not only display jewelry well,but also give expression to the style.

Second, wooden jewelry showcase with strong fabricability. The surface decoration of wooden showcase can be very varied. Baking paint , stick veneer, paint glass/marble/stainless steel and leather wrapped all is allowed.

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