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Take care with wine display cabinet

Take care with wine display cabinet
May 05,2017

Take care with Wine Display Cabinet

Nowadays because the standard of living is getting higher , many wine club, wine chateau and family wine storeroom grow up. There is wine, then there is wine cabinet . When a people think of wine, the first expression comes up in mind must be  romantic , tasty and stylish. So, the design , make and maintenance all is aborative.

Whether family wine storeroom or wine shop or bar, wooden cabinet with baking paint is the most common. If wooden cabinet with baking paint was lacerated , not only make against of  surface looking but also difficult to repair the crack. So the key to maintain it is avoiding the painting surface scratched. Also should keep it far from damp and insolation because of the wood material . If put baking paint wine cabinet under direct sunlight , the paint cover will oxidative damage easily. And humid environment easy make cabinet out of shape. In a word , good environment extends age.

Apart from the common wooden cabinet, glass and metal wine cabinet become popular recently . This kind of material cabinet always with glossy outside looking . Especially glass cabinet, people can see stain and dust at once. So we must keep glass cabinet clean and clear all the time. About the metal cabinet , painting the rust preventing oil every month can extend age.

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