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The features of glass display showcase in museum

The features of glass display showcase in museum
May 05,2017

The features of Glass Showcase in Museum

When we go to a  museum,the historical relic in the showcase was showed to visitors, apart from the bottom of the showcase was made of stainless steel or timber, another main material is glass which with transparency and safety.

One hand in order to protect the historical relic , the lock and glass would be payed more attention to . Generally speaking, glass showcase in museum can withstand impact about 50kg . Laminated ultra clear glass with high transparency is useful ,over 90% transparency is able to show the real body clearly, and any scratch on the glass surface is not allowed. On the other hand, if the glass was broken,the laminated glass won’t drop and hurt visitors or historical relic.

In general, we can’t take photos when visit a museum. Because some objects like paper and fiber are easy fading and corrosion , especially beam by the ultraviolet and other harmful rays. Some one may ask can glass keep from the harmful rays? The answer is yes. The special bulletproof glass is capable of preventing.

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