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Here are five key points in display furniture design

Here are five key points in display furniture design
May 05,2017

Here are five key points in display furniture design

1. Comprehensive consideration of design,dont change it easily

When design display furniture , you need consider every aspects, the design plan after discussing once you decide, don’t change it easily. Especially in the later period, any change will delay construction and increase cost,even influence the shop open. Budget always causes problems. Sometimes there is a big difference between budget and design, as a designer must accept the budget amount and try the best to do the design work within budget. We advice that when designing , should make clear the budget standard ,control the expenditure and arrange all the items in advance.

2. Make clear design

Clear design makes clients comfortable . In general, people accept the information in a moment is limited. Buyers in a hurry way, if they don’t get the clear information then they won’t interested in it. In design, images,chart and word expression should clear and easy to get it.

3. Make distinctive design

Distinctive design attracts eyes, leaves deep expression . But couldn’t be away from brand image.

4. Design form customers point of view

Every one is interested in the showcase means this design is successful. Design form target custom point view strike a chord easily ,also can leave deep expression.

5. Considering space problem when design

When design display furniture,designer also should consider the number of people in the store. Crowded and empty both have bad effect.

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