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High quality optical frame displays for shop

High quality optical frame displays for shop
May 11,2018

The optical frame displays for Guinea optical shop project was completed. The optical project, including 7 types optical frame displays.

This wall optical shop display with glass sliding door and cabinet, is 1200x500x2400 mm, have 12 layer glass shelves to display eyeglasses.

optical shop display

The wall optical shop display also has glass sliding doors, it's divided into two parts. the upper and lower two parts can be locked separately.

wall optical shop display

The nest optical showroom display is low one, the same as the wall cabinet but low.

optical showroom display

The wall optical frame displays has mirror.

optical frame displays suppliers

The optical display cabinets:

optical display cabinets

Custom made optical shop display or wholesale optical frame displays, welcome to contact us!

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