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The usual height of jewellery display cabinet
March 15,2019

When we customized jewelry store display cases , it involves the cabinets size. According to International Ergonomics research, the best visual area of human body is 60 cm-80 cm wide between 25 cm above horizontal field of vision and 45 cm below. Take the Chinese for example, the average height of Chinese adult men is 168 cm, the apparent height is 155.8 cm; the average height of adult women is 158 cm, the apparent height is 146.2 cm. The average apparent height of the two systems is about 152 cm, and the fluctuation values near this scale range from 110 cm to 160 cm. This numerical area can be regarded as a golden area, and it is easy to achieve outstanding visual effects in this area. The height of jewellery display cabinets is constrained by the viewer's perspective, resulting in different functions of the vertical area scale. Between 80 and 250 cm above ground, the best horizon size should be set up.

jewelry glass display cabinet

All jewelry glass display cabinet and acrylic display cabinet are very transparent and can display products in three-dimensional detail. The standard can be determined according to the size and variety of products. This kind of display cabinet is mostly used for the display of larger products, such as crafts, large pieces of jades, exhibits, etc. When selecting and purchasing showcase manufacturers, they should pay attention to glass and acrylic bonding, which is robust and careful. There are no scratches on glass and acrylic surfaces, and the edges are even.

jewelry wall case

General rectangular jewelry display cabinet height is 100cm-140 cm, jewelry high cabinet is 160cm-190cm, wall showcase is 220 cm-240cm, size can be customized according to customer requirements.

In the production of jewellery display cabinets, the horizontal area 60-190cm away from the floor is usually referred to as the useful decoration area of the products. This is a scale that can be automatically gazed at by the audience. The area below 60cm and above 190cm is not easy for viewers to see and touch.

wholesale jewellery display cabinets

In practice, the area below 60cm is often used as floor cabinet space, while the area above 190cm has many uses, such as marking of indexing system, placement of advertisements, promotion of corporate image, etc., but its height should not exceed 250cm. This restriction has been broken through by the large-scale exhibition booths in recent years. Because the area above 190cm is difficult to attract the close attention of the audience, but it can arouse the long-distance attention of the audience. In this way, we do not look up or crouch down, people's cervical and lumbar vertebrae in the normal scale of activity, will not feel tired and tired.

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