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Take care of the jewelry showcase
March 15,2019

What to do after the shadowless film on the glass of the jewellery shop display is damaged?

Custom jewelry showcases, the glass material is essential. The upper part is ultra-white tempered glass, and the showcases body may also be painted glass. Glass glue is a kind of commonly used adhesives in the family. It consists of sodium silicate, acetic acid and organic silicone. Sodium silicate is soluble in water and sticky. It is called sodium silicate in the South and Pauline in the north. The fixing and sticking of glass mainly depends on glass glue, which is the material for bonding and sealing various kinds of glass with other substrates. There are two main types: silicone rubber and polyurethane rubber (PU). Silicone sealant, which is commonly referred to as glass sealant, is divided into acid and neutral (neutral sealant is divided into stone sealant, anti-mildew sealant, fire-proof sealant, pipeline sealant, etc.). The glass glue commonly used in jewelry showcase manufacturers is divided into neutral glass glue and shadow glue. For manufacturers, the choice depends mainly on the cost and the operation level of gluing process.

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Most professional jewelry showcase companies will choose conventional glass glue. The main advantages are fast curing speed, easy operation and low cost. The disadvantage is that it will leave residual and obvious glue marks. The greatest advantage of shadowless glue is that it does not leave any marks (as can be seen from the name), and the glass is very strong after pasting; the disadvantage is high cost, troublesome operation and trouble to remove the broken glass. Ultraviolet searchlights are used to accelerate the setting time of the glue when gluing glass.

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The jewellery glass display cabinets will inevitably be damaged in the process of transportation and use. It is necessary for jewelers to replace the glass. But we often meet many customers who say that it is difficult to remove glass, especially when only one piece of glass is damaged at the counter. It is very difficult to remove the glass. It is obvious that the glass is glued with shadow-less glue. There are two main ways to remove it:

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First, the use of relevant solvents, such as UV gel hydrolysis gel drops on the adhesive layer, about 5 minutes after the gel softening and then clearing. If it's really impossible to remove it, it's just to replace all the glass in the jewellery shop display ideas. If it's on conventional glass glue, it's very good. It only needs that blade to cut the glue slowly. It only needs some patience and time to solve the problem.

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The second way of heating is to blow continuously on the glass surface with the hot air of a blower. Attention must be paid to heating the joint slowly and moderately, not too quickly, otherwise the glass will crack because of the high temperature. It should be gradually heated step by step. During the heating period, the blade can be used to cut the adhesive connection.

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