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Novel cosmetics display cabinet design
March 27,2020

To be beautiful , inner beauty and outer beauty need to be closely linked . Responsible for the external beauty of the cosmetic display cabinet bearing the beauty of the creation of cosmetics , display cabinet needs to reflect fashion , beautiful youth , therefore , a cosmetics display cabinet want to get the attention of consumers , it is necessary to display the cabinet production to achieve the best effect . JOVA Display Furniture give you some good advice .

cosmetics display cabinet design

Baking paint standard : cosmetics display stand baking paint requirements are very strict , the surface shall not have particles of dust , oil flow , etc ., the surface should be bright and smooth , bright and clean . the part that cupboard door opens also needs to do to bake lacquer , cannot be blank board or simple processing , the place that backboard cannot see must want to brush a lacquer , cannot see blank board .

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The surface of the cosmetic showcase is usually to do bright paint , color according to the cosmetics brand , the main tone and auxiliary tone must be coordinated , highlighting the brand culture information of cosmetics .

In order to achieve the best effect , cosmetics showcase production needs comprehensive consideration from various aspects. Attention should be paid to details in the design and production process , and every link should be handled properly , so as to present the perfect cosmetics showcase .

cosmetics store furniture

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