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Case Study of Jewelry Shop Cabinet
August 28,2019

This project is a high-end jewelry store project in Thailand. The whole space interprets the noble and luxurious temperament of the jewelry store in a concise way.

jewelry shop project

The design of the back jewelry display cabinet is displayed in a single and independent form, with high brightness and high color lighting, depicting the delicate craft and high gloss of jewelry.

jewelry display cabinet for sale

Different jewellers need different lights for the display showcase to cooperate with the use, we design the time will have a targeted choice of lighting, lighting angle in order to fully highlight the magnificence and nobility of jewellery.

display showcase for jewellery

The design for reception area focuses on creating a relaxed communication atmosphere, matching with soft lighting effect, and using decorative anti-glare lighting devices to create a comfortable and warm negotiation environment.

design of reception area

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