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jewelry shop decoration design
May 11,2019

Shop decoration involves many problems, such as the materials for decoration, design style and so on, Here, let's talk about the style of jewelry shop decoration


luxury jewelry store decoration

Luxury jewelry store style, is main for luxury goods, like big brands jewelry stores, watch stores. This kind of retail store design, generally large space, luxurious design in the shop, comfortable and focus on customer experience.


jewellery shop decor


Modern simplicity style jewelry store is appeared in the early part of the last century. This shop style emphasizes the harmony of proportion and color. People began to color the top part of the wall jewelry display cabinet with smallpox, while the counter used a kind of wallpaper with light texture. The whole jewelry shop decoration style seems very elegant and quiet, without a trace of impetuosity. For Now, the interior decoration of jewellery shop, most of them choose modern simple style.

interior decoration of jewellery shop

Foreign modern jewery store style, with simplicity and liveliness as its main characteristics, it attaches importance to the use efficiency of indoor space, emphasizes that indoor layout should be differentiated according to its functions, and the jewelry furniture layout should closely cooperate with space. It advocates the abandonment of redundant and cumbersome additional decorations, and emphasizes the quality and charm.


jewelry wall design for shop

The traditional Chinese jewelry stores style. This store style pay attention to symmetry, and using fans, shelves, screens, curtains, and plaques, paintings and calligraphy, couplets, Taishi chairs and Baxian tables, plus safe and auspicious bottle mirror.

jewelry furniture

When design your jewelry store, don't make a decision easily. We also need to analyze our customer groups, combine the factors of geographical environment, brand image and so on, and finally choose the appropriate decoration style for ourselves.

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