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How to maintain jewelry store showcases
June 01,2018

How to maintain the jewelry showcases in your jewelry store, make your jewelry shop more luxury and fashion for long time.

1.Wipe the jewelry showcases with tea, but should be careful not to use tea to wipe directly, but with a gauze wrapped wet tea leaves wipe, and finally stained with water wipes will be wiped clean, because the tea will have tea stains, stay in jewelry store showcase paint surface will affect the color of jewelry shop showcase.

metal jewelry store showcases

2.Wipe the jewelry showcases with milk, if your jewelry store showcase is wooden, cortical, marble, then use a clean dry cloth on the milk soaked and then wipe, so decontamination effect is great, and finally remember to use water Wipe it again, or there will be milk smell.

custom jewelry showcase

3.With beer to wipe the jewelry showcases, take the right amount of light beer to boil, add 1: 2 sugar and honey stir evenly so that the full mixing. When the mixture is cooled, wipe with a soft cloth, then clean the residue and clean the residue with water, and finally dry with a dry cloth.

4.With white vinegar to wipe the jewelry showcases, with white vinegar and hot water to 1: 1 ratio of mixing to gently wipe the surface of the stains, if the stain is more difficult to remove, you can let the vinegar a little stay on the stain surface, and then use a soft cloth Wipe hard

5.Wipe the jewelry showcases with lemon, if it is on the paint of the wooden jewelry showcases, inadvertently heat to leave the hot mark, you can first use lemon slices, or wipe with lemon juice wipe, and then soaked with hot water Wipe the cloth, and finally dry the wipes quickly dry, you can restore the original light.

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