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How to choose wooden jewelry display cabinets for jewellery shop
June 01,2018

The saying goes,” You get what you pay for ”, different prices of different materials, why do some jewellery display cabinets cheaper ? The price may be very cheap in the raw materials may cut corners. Today I would like to talk about wooden jewellery display cabinets.

custom jewellery display cabinets

1. Basic materials. With different materials and ways of manufacture, the prices are surely different. Maybe many customers think that the material of wooden jewellery display cabinets produced on several categories, such as MDF, plywood, RF-MDF, FR-plywood, etc. For MDF, MDF is made of wood fiber, a better MDF internal is fine, a poor MDF internal is loose with many sundries, in the later use, there is a potential risk of easily flooding, structural deformation, etc.
2. Paint technique. The paint is good or bad depends on whether the surface is smooth, nailhole etc. The paint thin spend less labor, paint industry standard is two at the end of both sides, and the base oil in the process of grinding out the paint is absolutely flat, but the labor spend more.
3. The choice of hardware accessories. Showcase no matter how good the paint, how good the material, but hardware accessories is not good, the jewelry display cabinet is also unqualified, and customers in the latter part of the use of the process will be a lot of after-sales problems.
4. Production costs. The production cycle is generally 10-30 days, open material, production, and some need stainless steel, it is necessary to metal workers, and the high cost of stainless steel. About the paint, scraping, grinding, painting. And then installed, including the lamps, glass, metal accessories, then packaging and transportation, etc., This series need to spend a lot of labor costs. And now workers wages rose year by year, which is the impact of display cabinet production prices large factor. Display cabinet industry and are custom-made, the process of complex and diverse, the price will be relatively high.

L shape jewellery display cabinets

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