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How to design jewelry store layout
March 15,2019

What kind of jewelry display cabinet can be called good jewelry display cabinets? Good workmanship? High quality material selection? No, a good jewelry counter can set off the beauty of jewelry, can attract customers can be called a good display cabinet. jewelry display cabinet is the front of jewelry sales, its layout directly affects the sales of jewelry. So how to arrange the jewelry display cabinet effectively? The following points should be noted:

jewelry store layout

We can use comparative method can be used in exhibition. It combines two or more different colors, shapes and jewelry skillfully to create different visual differences between objects, thus playing a prominent role and rendering the theme jewelry. Contrast shows that the main performance is color contrast, texture contrast.

jewelry display cabinet

Planning reasonable location, jewelry product layout, display brand style and culture. The jewelry store layout, jewelry displays and showcases style and culture should be consistent throughout the store. As a high-end boutique jewelry store, the display should highlight luxury, delicacy and artistic atmosphere, but as a general jewelry store, the goods should be highlighted in richness and detail, so that consumers feel they can afford the benefits of buying.

jewellery shop furniture design

The principle of symmetry can be applied to show jewelry. The axisymmetric method can be divided into segmental and centrosymmetric methods

mall jewelry kiosk

Using lighting effect reasonable, jewelry display lighting and shop lighting can highlight the shape, color, texture of goods, attract customers'attention. Jewellery counter lighting configuration needs scientific and reasonable, under normal circumstances: red, emerald and other gemstones warm yellow light, need to configure diamonds, light blue, cold tones, such as opal, pearls, jadeite configuration requirements of white light and other easily dehydrated jewelry requires small gemstone cups, maintain a certain humidity, light temperature is not too high.

jewellery counter

Axisymmetric symmetrical display, symmetrical sides, rectangular, trapezoidal a common pattern, and various types of combination of jewelry 11 central line method. Centrally symmetrical method, around a centrally symmetrical jewelry arrangement, graphics common circular, radial.

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