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How to choose a good Jewelry Showcase Manufacturers
March 15,2019

For our jewelry merchants, before open a new jewelry shop, we have to rent the space, and decor it. To choose a good jewelry showcase manufacturer, what we should pay attention to when visiting jewelry showcase manufacturers ?

Jewelry Showcase Manufacturers

When you go to the jewelry showcase manufacturers, you should carefully understand the showcase production process flow, and whether the materials, structure and details of the jewelry display cabinet meet the requirements. For example, stainless steel jewelry showcase, the stainless steel splicing, traces of glass glue, locks and other details must be in place.

metal Jewelry Showcases

The design of jewelry store showcases on the number of layers is also different. Some jewelry showcases mainly display small pieces jewelrs, so that the showcases can be designed with slightly more layers, so that more jewelry can be stored in the showcase.

multi layers jewelry store showcases

But if the jewelry is of high value and large volume, the number of showcase should not be too many, so as to avoid jewelry collision. Especially some very expensive jewelry, many stores will use single-storey jewelry showcase for display.

jewelry display cabinet

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