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how to decorate a cosmetic shop?
June 01,2018

Three most popular styles of cosmetic shop furniture:

Fashionable style is the most popular style. Everyone won’t refuse fashion . The fashionable style cosmetic shop furniture always is made by glossy black color baking paint , the cosmetic display stand and cabinet also made in different shapes and they have some decoration with pop elements . In a fashionable style cosmetic store, more light boxes with fashion posters are used.
Fashionable cosmetic shop furniture
Luxury style leaves people a first expression is decent and noble. The general color assortment of luxury style is black & gold, the main material of luxury style display furniture is wood with baking paint and gold color stainless steel or iron with flame plating. This one is the most high-end style also the cost is the most expensive.
luxury cosmetic display stand and cabinet

Natural style makes everyone feel comfortable, the thing it transmits is health and nature. Light color is always used, wooden cosmetic display shelf with wooden paper is always used,too. Actually, This nature style display furniture are used in cosmetic store selling facial products,skin care products and hair care products.

nature display furniture for shop

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