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How to choose the glass material of glass showcase
June 01,2018

The countertop glass of glass jewelry showcase, it's thickness above 10mm. why we use so thick glass? Because many consumers like pressing on the showcase, and his whole weight is pressed in the glass showcase. If the hardness of the glass is not enough there will be security risks, so the glass jewelry display case must to use tempered glass.

luxury glass showcases for jewelry shop

Side glass is also to use a little harder, because the side of the glass as a support of the glass, all the things on the table of gravity are supported by the glass, so it should be thick enough. Some of the mall counters are made of glass, there will be multi-layer and single-layer partition glass, that partition glass will be slightly thinner, the general thickness of 8mm.

Tower jewelry display case

It is best to note that the glass of the glass display showcases of the mall counter must be treated and can not have a clear outline. The corners can not be at right angles. They are rounded and the edges are going through. Edging, can not be 90 degrees at right angles, should be round or bevel edge. Because the shopping malls not only large flow, and a lot of children, this approach is not easy to cause accidental injury.

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