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Custom made display showcases for shopping mall. 2019-04-04 11:27:50

When making store showcases for shopping malls, we should pay more attention to it, because the shopping malls are crowded, less isolated and have more valuable goods, so the shopping malls pay special attention to fire protection. There are higher requirements for the shop fixtures and fittings, so the display cabinet also has certain requirements from material selection to production process. Here is a brief introduction of how our JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE meets the fire protection requirements.


shop fixtures and fittings


For the shop display cabinets used in shopping mall, we will choose class B1 fire-proof plywood (fire-proof board, also known as fire-proof board, scientific name is thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure laminated board, which is a surface decoration refractory building material with rich surface color, lines and special logistics performance. It's widely used in shop interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory surfaces, exterior walls and other fields.) A layer of three-centimeter medium-fibre board is pasted on the surface, and an isolation layer is formed between the base and the paint to reduce the risk of paint cracking.


shop interior decoration


Finally, the most important thing for our production workshop is to maintain a clean production environment, so as to avoid dust affecting the paint surface of shop display cabinets in the production process. In addition, we should regularly update and maintain the paint baking room, keep the dust-free state of the paint baking room, and maintain the integrity of the circuit and baking settings.


custom store displays


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