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How to decor jewelry store 2019-03-15 17:50:04

Placing the jewellery counters not only attracts customers'attention as a whole, but also has a great relationship with the position of the display showcase. Improper placement often affects the effect of the whole store. How should the jewellery counter display be placed properly?

So, how to place the jewellery counter display properly in a jewellery shop? JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE tell you some suggestions for reference:

jewellry counter display uae

The intense sunshine will fade the surface of the jewelry display cabinet, which directly affects the durability of the display cabinet. Therefore, no matter what kind of material the showcase uses, it can not be placed next to the window for a long time, especially when the room is facing west, it should be avoided. If must be place the showcase, recommend to install the curtains.

luxury jewelry display cabinet

The desktop of the cash counter design for shop should be lower than the elbow to facilitate movement. The distance between the top of the hanging cabinet and the ground should not exceed 2 meters. If the jewelry display cabinet has two layers, the first layer should be at the ideal height to see the objects placed inside, and the second layer should be at the hand height to get the things.

modern cash counter design for shop

Most of the lights in the market are mainly chandeliers, which must be used properly. If the ceiling design for jewelry shop is low, we should pay attention to the height of the chandeliers. Too low will hinder walking. If the chandelier is installed in the middle position, the light will be more even. As for the height of the chandelier, the ideal distance is about 50-60 centimeters from the desktop. If the jewelry display cabinet is too high, it may be dazzling, too low and hit the head.

ceiling design for jewellery shop

Guangzhou JOVA DISPLAY FURNITURE is one of the best jewelry showcase manufacturers in China. Our jewelry display cabinets usually include upright cabinets (wall display), central cabinets (four-sided glass central cabinets), desk cabinets (desk type cabinets, with horizontal or sloping glass cover) and setting boxes. Now commonly used assembly high cabinet and central vertical cabinet, vertical and horizontal components have grooves, can be inserted into glass; some use spring steel clips to clamp glass, if placed in the wall, one side can only install backplane, not install glass. Some high-rise cabinets can also be placed on the top of the lighting bulbs. Table cabinets usually have two kinds of plane cabinets and inclined cabinets. The inclined plane can be divided into single inclined plane and double inclined plane. The single inclined plane is usually placed against the wall, while the double inclined plane is placed in the center of the jewelry showroom. We do professional customized, and product the showcases fit clients' requirement. Call at 008613825185029 or email jason@jovafurniture.com .

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