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The selection of high-end Jewelry showcase light

2017-05-05 09:52:41

The selection of high-end jewelry showcase light

Various lights help customers look clearly and make the jewelry shop bright. LED light with strong 3D sense , lighting up the jewelry in a short distance and show the jewelry directly. LED lamp is good for jewelry and the reason is led without ultraviolet and infrared , so led is deemed to the best light for jewelry shop. The favorable lighting effects will attract more customers.

Here are 3 points for light should be pay attention to :

1. In accordance with the illumination standard

2. Avoiding strong light, it may makes customers uncomfortable

3. Make sure the light won’t damage the jewelry, use the artificial light carefully

At present , the problem whether the light is bright enough or not is solved, another key point is how to show the main commodities by light in a shop. For example,some jewelry like gold and platinum in small volume require a little stronger light ; some jewelry like jade and gem require soft light .

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