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The conventional height of jewelry cabinet

The conventional height of jewelry cabinet
May 05,2017

The conventional height of jewelry cabinet

The style and size of jewelry cabinet make influence of people `s horizontal vision. The general horizontal vision is 45°. If the height of jewelry cabinet is over the horizontal vision in a display case, customers can’t find the best view and leave their own neck sway around, it makes tired out more easy. The case to display small pieces of rings,bracelets and necklaces , its desktop from the ground is about 100cm,the most height not over 150cm. About the tall jewelry , a little short showcase is perfect, contrary some small jewelry should be display in the taller case. Display in this way takes into account the most comfortable visual position of customers.

General square cabinet is height 110cm ~140cm, jewelry high cabinet is 160cm~190cm. Of cause, the size could be customized. The height from floor to 60~190cm is the useful display area. But the height under 60cm and over 190cm is the area customers difficult to watch. In practical application, there is a floor cabinet under 60cm. And the area over 190cm, always put the poster and company images. Because it can attract the eye from distant people.

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