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mobile accessories kiosk completed

mobile accessories kiosk completed
June 15,2018

This mobile accessories kiosk is for a project in Australia .  It's for a 3x5 square meters cell phone kiosk in the mall.  The kiosk displays were mainly black and red baking paint finished.  

View the 3D kiosk design:

mobile accessories kiosk 3d

The whole kiosk displays including: black glass showcase, red cell phone accessories display rack, and shop counter, the mainly materials includes plywood, tempered glass.

phone showcase wholesale

Our do the mobile accessories kiosk design and manufacature the phone showcase.

phone showcase manufacturers

Test the lights:

cell phone accessories display rack suppliers

Jova Display Furniture Co.,LTD is the display showcase manufacturer. we offer free shop design, and manufacture the showcase, get a best shop solution, welcome to call at 0086 13825185029, or email .

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