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jewelry store display cases for LOL jewelrs completed

2018-07-09 17:00:22

The jewelry store display cases for LOL jewelrs project completed. Its main crystal jewelry is famous for its high quality and high quality. With exquisite manufacturing technology and close to the trend of design, LOL jewels is highly praised by 20~40 year old lady.

jewellery shop counter design

our company do the jewellery shop counter design, manufacture the jewelry store display cases, and install the showcase. It last one month.

buy jewellery display cabinets

The jewelry display cases are made of high density board as the base material and the whole bright white paint. The jewelry showcases are combined with the drawers and the cabinet doors. The function of the storage is powerful and the practicability is greatly increased. The kicking line at the bottom of the cabinet ensures that the counter is not easy to bump during the handling process, and it is easy to clean and maintain in the daily use process.

glass jewelry display cases wholesale

Jewelry display cases wholesale, and decor jewelry shop, welcome to call at +86 13825185029, email jason@jovafurniture.com.

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