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How to design a jewellery shop

How to design a jewellery shop
August 17,2017
Design a jewellery shop, the entrance is one of the most important part because it can influence the overall layout and format of the whole store. The window display of jewellery shop is the first impression of your store for the prospective clients , so you want to make it right. Please keep the following tips to make a attractive store entrance .

keep it inviting. For example, as a luxury jewellery shop, put the most popular jewels and the latest design jewelry displayed in the shop window. We could change the jewelrys in the window when in special days. That can help to catch customers

design of jewellery shop

Keep a relaxing zone. There is a research showed that, when the customers come into your store a relaxing zone from entrance will help a lot to buy. The relaxing area also means that you have not place too much products too close to the entrance. And the space of the relaxing area depends on the size of the store.

jewellery shop relaxing area

Keep compelling display. Compelling display inside help to grab shoppers` attention and pull them into the store . including the layout fixtures and the style of display furnishings.

To sum up, make a right store entrance is very important , it helps increasing visitors.

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