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August 08,2017

When you are going to open a shop or decorate a shop, you need to buy store fixtures and displays. So, how to choose a strength, trustworthy supplier?

1.From a consumer's demand and the positioning of the product to choose a professional showcase manufacturer.

2. whether there is their own factory (rather than hands) is very important.

3. whether the manufactures have a large enough scale to meet production requirements? You can see the factory size, equipment, technology configuration,,,.If.all of the above mentioned accorded with the requirements, then good manufacturer.

4. Whether there is a corresponding display cases, and the cooperation of the customer base (whether well-known) .

5. Whether in the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service is good, etc.

store fixtures and displays manufacturers

Jova Display Furniture Co.,Ltd is a big showcase factory in China. Welcome to contact us get the facoty video, and the pictures of the shop furniture we made before.

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