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The wooden material used for jewelry shop furniture
June 01,2018

Making a whole jewelry shop furniture requires a lot of types of material. For example: wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramics, paint, plastic, synthetic materials, adhesives, hardware products, textile materials, hardware ornaments.

jewelry shop furniture

Here we focus on wood materials.

A, hardwood: Willow, nanmu, fruit trees (pear), white wax, birch (neutral). Characteristic, the pattern is obvious, easy to be deformed and damaged. Suitable for furniture, do veneer decorating material, high price.

B, cork: pine (pine, pine, poplar Paulownia). Characteristics, do structure, wood square, poor corrosion resistance, poor bending resistance, can not do furniture.

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C, synthetic wood materials: the exhibition industry is mainly composed of synthetic boards.

Three, plywood, three layers of 1mm boards (or wooden bark) are stacked and stacked. They are commonly used as side panels and decorative materials for furniture. Specification, 1220x2440mm/20~45 yuan.

Composite plate, five mm plate, nine mm plate, used for structure, can be bent.

Large core plate, to overcome the wood deformation, two layers of wood filled with small pieces of wood, according to the material in the middle of different prices. Often 15~18mm thick, 40~60 yuan or 120~150 unit unit price.

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Wood, unified 4000mm long, white pine 1 cubic meters 1 cubic meters of pine 1200~1500 yuan, 1400~1600 yuan, 5000~6000 yuan, 1 cubic meters of beech.

Compression board, particleboard (compressed with shavings sawdust), density board (with greater pressure and adhesive compression, large bearing pressure, used for furniture). It is not easy to nail the nail and be afraid of humid blister.

MDF, it’s the nomal wooden material used to make shop furniture.

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