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Make the best watch display cabinet
September 24,2019

Today, we will talk about how to make the best watch store display.

watch store display

Material selection for watch display cabinet : wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, MDF medium-fibre board, PLYWOOD large core board, generally using MDF paint or external veneer such as solid wood ornament panel or silver mirror.

watch display cabinets

Lighting selection: LED jewelry special lamps, ordinary pillar spotlight, color for cold light source, warm light according to color temperature standards.

custom watch showcase

Covering: the display cabinets are in order from proofing, cutting, opening, painting and packaging. Selection of high-grade environmental protection paint, smooth feel, uniform color, good gloss, the effect of paint can be as bright as mirror, bright and matte can be optional, according to customer requirements.

display cabinets for sale

Internal structure: Hardware fittings and wood structure are perfectly integrated. The circuit wiring inside the display cabinet will be used for a long time according to the requirements of furniture acceptance and the safety of the cabinet body.

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