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custom jewellery counter,jewelry showcase builders 2018-09-21 15:09:48

How to decorate jewellery counter and showcase for your store ?

Decorating the jewellery counter of your business can be very easy if you are clear about what kind of jewelry you want to show. You can get very elegant results by mixing the elements and colors that we use.

luxury jewelry showcase

The store showcases act as a showroom for your products , are a very important element in the interior decoration. It is for this reason that you must determine well the spaces and the distribution of the things that you will place in it so that they can highlight your jewelry products.

luxury jewellery counter

As a luxury jewelry store, you should opt for an luxury model that allows you to wear the jewelry in its entirety. For this case, it is not recommended that you place all your jewelry on the jewellery counter display. Choose the most striking models and place them.

jewellery counter display

Now, the custom jewelry showcases are almost infinite possibilities in designs and colors. Whatever the material and color chosen, an idea of safety and confidence must be conveyed. The jewelry shop window must be able to hold what is inside without obscuring it.

jewellery shop window display

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