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clothing store wall display ideas 2018-09-03 15:55:19

Today, we will share you some wall display ideas for clothing stores. The clothing wall display and other area should be coordination with the whole store style . and it should be according to customer's budget, brand image, the store layout, so many factors to do it.

boutique wall displays

This boutique wall displays is used in lady boutique store, made by MDF with white and black baking finish.

The second boutique wall display is for mens boutique store, also MDF frame, wooden and metal hooks. The MDF is white baking paint, or wood veneer covered. The right part is slatwall display.

slatwall clothing display

Like this clothing wall display, is a slatwall display, the slatwall hooks and shelves are adjustable to fit the product's size.

steel pipe clothing wall display

some shop owner like steel pipe style, like this picture, the steel pipe wall units can be customized with wall panel or not. Do clothes shop fittings, clothing store furniture, welcome to call at 0086 13825185029, email jason@jovafurniture.com, Jova Display Furniture inc.

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