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Clothing display solutions for stores
July 12,2019

The reasonable the clothing store layout can improve the overall image of the clothing store .

clothing store design

Style setting : the clothing store design can reflect the operating characteristics of the clothing store , no matter what type of clothing store should be positioned according to its own brand image , convenient for the store to match the style with the brand .

clothing store solution

Layout design : good brand style and positioning , you can start designing the store layout , according to product positioning , and the owner individual be fond of , good design theme colors , again according to the design, theme colors to match clothes rack put should also be appropriate and reasonable , to set aside the customer pick up location , the fitting room , checkout , warehouse space .

retail clothing display racks

Shelf placement : display rack is the most important tool to display clothing , good shelves can show the best side of clothing , JOVA has full experience in retail clothing display racks . Especially in the side near the door of the store , where customers come and go most frequently , the products can be arranged in a variety of beautiful things in eyes , rich and colorful , appropriately add a few models, so that customers can see the effect of clothing . Stimulate the needs of customers and facilitate the purchase behavior of customers .

clothing display solutions for stores

Lighting design : lighting design can improve the aesthetic value of clothing stores and increase the sense of space . Lighting is a very important tool . In order to adapt to the layout design of the store , the lighting is focused on where needed , and natural light is also a good choice .
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