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Bag shop furniture design idea 2018-12-21 17:36:24

The shop interior design style and the details of display furniture have a close relationship with sales. It is beyond doubt that many high end brands have formed their shop style. Their shop designers know how to make use of showcases to highlight their products and to catch customers’ eyes.

bags shop interior design

This is a high end handbag shop design project we have made. When you walk into the shop, the first thing you can feel is that the shop is bright and spacious because of the glossy metallic element.

bags store fixtures

A glossy white baking paint short showcase is settled in the middle, with glass top and stainless steel legs. Man and women purses are presented clearly to the customers. The window silver stainless steel handbag display shelves illustrate the high end brand style catching the passersby.

bags wall display

The white color table also integrates into the glossy white color wall showcase and the island showcase. Table provides a space for customers to rest their trialed bags so customers are to attach a relaxed shopping experience.

handbag shop design

The expensive merchandises should be displayed with small quantity, and their display showcase should be elegant and relaxed. The following wall showcase was designed so delicate, with the wood frame and silver stainless steel shelf. Bags are display well-spaced within the showcase with the white lighting shined.

handbag display showcase

It is overall solution design, JOVA Display Furniture has helped many bag brands to custom design and produce the best suitable store furniture. If you are interested in our shop furniture design, feel free to contact us. We will provide you the most professional idea.

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